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As the first professional green building and energy conservation event that aims at real estates, owner units and design organs in south China where the climate is pleasant, “International Green Building Expo China 2016” (IGB Expo 2016) will be grandly held on December 7-9th, 2016 in Poly World Trade Center, Pazhou, Guangzhou City. IGB Expo 2016 brings together more than 500 exhibitors from over 10 countries and regions, including pavilion exhibitors from America, Germany, Norway, Singapore and many well-known real estate developers and design agencies like Wanke Real Estate, CMPD, TEAMZERO, Guangzhou Hanhua, Aoya, PEDDLE THORP, etc. IGB Expo 2014 offers a platform to mainly display green building demonstration projects, green building designs, energy-efficient plan as well as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and products in the construction process of green building. During the exhibition, we will also hold forums and activities such as “International Conference on Green Building”, “Greenhouse in Guangzhou & 30% Energy-efficient Green House Model Show”, "Green Hotel Forum” and “Green Hospital”. People participate in these activities will be enlightened by the designs and practical cases, hereby they can provide foresight thinking and orientation for the rational development of China’s green building, promote developers, owner units and design organs to head for a green, ecological and sustainable track during the change, adjustment and transformation period and response to challenges and market opportunities brought by China’s green building industry. 

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